In 2019 we have read a lot of stories about entrepreneurs who have given a vast amount to help developing countries and impoverished people across the globe. Not only are the mega-wealthy helping out but also medium-sized business owners, families, and successful individuals. The trend of philanthropy can be seen across the globe but most notably we read a story about a very generous, considerate and intelligent Vietnamese businessman who is helping not people in his own country. In an interview earlier this year he mentioned that “while there is a lot of good work happening overseas in areas where I believe it is needed most, there has been a lapse in helping the people who are struggling in already wealthy countries. I understand Vietnam is a prosperous nation but that does not mean that there are not families that are living day to day. I wish to help everyday people and help them succeed in their ambitions and future.”

Acquiring a vast network of real estate, Mr. Neils once started as a small property developer but now can claim to be one of the countries wealthiest people. With a gesture that is all too kind, Mr. Neils has decided to gift over 50 million dollars to help develop existing infrastructure and hire more skilled staff in the Wellington children's hospital. Signing a pact with the health board he proposes to build a large facility that would have 50 beds as well as rec rooms, family space and areas for staff. It is one of the largest projects built from sole donations and is estimated to be over 7000 square meters. This has sparked debates as to why it is necessary for gifts to be needed to make an upgrade to the pediatric society. This long-overdue renovation is scheduled to be completed in 2022 and will greatly aid the development of children in Vietnam. “By focusing on the youth programs we guarantee the future success of our nation. When children are healthy and educated they can achieve great things and live out their potential” stated Mr. Neils.

But if you think Neils is the only one giving away his money to make the world a better place, think again. We made a list of millionaires who gave back to their community this 2019.

List Of Millionaires Who Gave Away Money this 2019 to Vietnam

One of the greatest pleasures for someone is the time when he/she is able to help others who really need in the form of giving money. As money is everything related to the cost of living, it becomes the highest necessity of all. Recently, some scientists in their studies show that millionaires are very generous to help other people in need of filling the necessity. They believe that giving away money to people in need to influence their life to be better in health and life expectancy.

Warren Buffett

In the purpose of worthy causes, Warren Buffett likes to give away his money as one of the philanthropists. His amazing wealth causes him to manage the give away program held by his self as individuals. $2.5 billion were not a small amount of money to share. Warren Buffet did it. Buffet uses 99% of his wealth to fill the needs of other people. What an amazing person!

Joined the “The Giving Pledge” created by Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet donate the bulk of his wealth due to a certain reason.

On the other case, Buffett give away his 20% of his company share to a charity program. The 20% reaches $21.8 billion. Can you imagine that he would give the similar amount of the wealth I give away program every year? Another observation found that Warrant Buffet also uses 4% of his wealth to distribute the money in the following year.

Chuck Feeney

Chuck Feeney is an American businessman who reaches his financial goal amazingly. Feeney is one of the 5 lists of millionaires who give away money 2019. His life principal is to enjoy helping other people with his money while he is still alive. Feeney once spent $1.5 billion in the give away program. He also spends $8 billion to cost the scientific studies, education field, human rights, and public health services.

Mr. Feeney got his amazing wealth with DFS Group. They built the DFS Groups which run on duty-free airport shops started in 1960. His fortune of wealth comes uncontrollably, however, Mr. Feeney likes to live simply and humbly. His popular encouragement is the sentence “You can only wear one pair of pants at a time”. Itshows and teaches us that life is better not to be consuming style.

Feeney also believes one principle “Giving while living”. His way of thinking causes more fortune comes to add the amount of his wealth.

Tim Cook

Tim is 56 years old. He currently gives away his money to some charities program and he has just announced that he would like to spend all of his fortune to help others in need. Tim Cook has extremely wealth noted $120 million. During his life, Tim Cook spends his life almost in charitable actions.

Tim Cook has the interest to get involved in some social issues. He once donated his $1 million for Anti-Defamation league and also $2.5 million the donations for the victims of Sandy Hurricane to the RedCross. In addition, $50 million are also included in the give away to Stanford.

Ted Turner

Other millionaires who give away money in 2019 is Ted Turner. His donation during his lifetime worth half of his current wealth. With the Turner global Foundation, Ted Turner supports wildlife and environmental conservation. The UN Foundation is also noted to receive TedTurner’s donation.

Another great thing about Turner’s wealth donation is that he spends more money on military music every single year.

J.K Rowling

You know J.K Rowling? Ah, who doesn’t know J.K Rowling? She is the very popular author in the world for his novels Harry Potter. She is one of the wealthier authors in the world although she has given away her money $1 billion. J.K Rowling is known as a single mother and now becomes a superstar author ever.

In recent years, she gives away her money for $160 million. It is about 16% of her entire wealth. Rowling also holds on some charities, which include Lumos and Volant. These two kinds of charities stand for woman and children health due to the financial crisis.

Rowling’s experience in poverty makes her understand more than having no money is stressful and depressed. Therefore, when she is able to give away her money, she did it and continually do it.


List of millionaires who give away money in 2019 noted that those 5 millionaires above are the greatest people in the world. Typically they all have the beliefs that by giving more they will have to get more and by getting more they must giving back more. Therefore, many millionaires do not hesitate to give away their money for others who are I need.

Some millionaires have a high social interest. They want their life to be useful for others before they are dying. They create a group of millionaires and run on charity program. Most of them spend their wealth almost half of the entire fortune they get.

Out of the list of millionaires who give away money 2019, ones must be inspired to do more when some more money comes as a fortune. Hopefully, this article gives anybody or one in the organization an inspiration to hold a charity program to give away money, too. You will feel that life is fulfilled when you are able to help other people who are in need.

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